We want stakeholders to
engage with our vision for learning.

ReSchool Colorado

Our Process

Our work with the Donnell-Kay Foundation and ReSchool began with landscape research of existing experiential games that help people understand context. Realizing the tool needed to be simple enough to play in 30 minutes, but complex enough to prompt discussion and reflection, we started prototyping early in the process. We conducted a broad exploration by identifying key elements of their learning framework to become components of the game. We brought rounds of early versions for people to play and test, increasing the fidelity of the prototypes with each round, and honing the components to create a powerful story that represents one year in a student’s life. Ultimately, we designed and produced the final game cards in a way that people could download, print, and cut the game to play for themselves.



This has been such a helpful tool for communicating ReSchool’s nuanced/complex ideas about modernized education systems. Playing the game builds people’s empathy for today’s learners. Greater Good Studio truly understood our needs and delivered a dynamic, beautiful solution that continues to yield important results.”

Amy Anderson, Executive Director of ReSchool Colorado

Client & Community Outcomes

ReSchool continues to use the game to help people experience the ReSchool vision and learner-centered mindset. ReSchool’s Executive Director, Amy Anderson, explains, “Participants quickly grasp the reality that youth have complex lives outside of school that we don’t often acknowledge in education settings and that learning occurs everywhere.” Although the game was designed to help others better understand core features of the ReSchool Colorado design, it has led to conversations about characteristics of effective learner profiles, access to community learning resources, competency-based learning strategies and the coordination of formal and informal learning environments.