Our Mission

Our work contributes to social equity in three ways:

Who we work with

We partner with clients on a mission to create a more just and equitable society. Our team evaluates each potential client rigorously in order to ensure their mission is aligned with ours.

How we work

Our projects are radically inclusive. We push past barriers to make sure those with lived experience are centered in the work, and we build agency by transitioning ownership to project participants.

What we create

The tools, programs and experiences that we design serve to multiply the capacity of their users, amplifying their ability to positively impact the world around them.

We believe:

End users are the experts.

We assume people know the most about their own lives, and that everyone makes decisions for a reason. We are actively guided by community members and stakeholders throughout a project, because that’s how to create things that people want, need and value.

Quality work depends on diversity.

The nature of equitable design is to honor different perspectives. We foster an inclusive environment where staff bring their whole selves every day, and where we respond to, learn from and celebrate all of each person’s unique intersectionalities.

Innovation doesn’t have to be fancy.

While we often design sophisticated tools, many of our projects result in small programmatic changes that solve problems in clever and intuitive ways. We’ve found that the most sustainable designs build on existing assets, rather than creating something entirely new.

Hard is not the same as impossible.

We work on issues of poverty and social justice precisely because they are difficult. Our team is scrappy and persistent, and we are prepared to dig in to new and challenging areas to create programs and services that improve lives and livelihoods.

Good design builds power.

Social change is fundamentally about re-balancing power structures to make things more fair for more people. We believe the role of design is not only in shifting power imbalances, but in tangibly creating more power for those with less.