We want all girls to have equitable access to the Girl Scouting experience.

Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana

We want older adults and people with disabilities to directly inform California’s Master Plan for Aging.

The SCAN Foundation

We want community
 to design healthier
places for kids.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

We want our people to uncover the practices that lead to transformative student growth.


We want more people to experience the power of the arts.

Lyric Opera of Chicago

We want our brand
to match our vision for change.


We want stakeholders to
engage with our vision for learning.

ReSchool Colorado

We want families and educators to easily navigate the 8th to 9th grade transition.

Big Shoulders Fund

We want our organization
to rapidly reconnect to the needs of people we serve.

Center for Economic Progress

We want nurses
to collect and leverage
high-quality data.

The Ihangane Project

We want our healthcare community to provide equitable care for complex patients.

Hennepin County Medical Center

We want our grantees to creatively address their challenges.    

AD3 Innovation Bootcamp

We want every student 
to know the power of their voice.

826 National

We want teens leaving jail
to stay connected to the arts.

The Chicago Community Trust

We want kids in the cafeteria
to eat healthy and waste less.

Academy for Global Citizenship

We want Colorado students
to access a broader set of learning opportunities.

Donnell-Kay Foundation

We want our organization
to sustain and scale its impact.

Reading in Motion

We want school stakeholders
to address issues of student behavior.

Chicago Public Schools

We want children with autism to reach their full potential.