We want our organization
to rapidly reconnect to the needs of people we serve.

Center for Economic Progress

Our Process

Our team conducted immersive research at one of CEP’s full-day tax prep events, observing how their volunteers worked with members of the public, and how full-time staff members interfaced with volunteers and participants. We then synthesized our findings to develop “How Might We” questions, or statements that help define new opportunities. As part of our facilitation of CEP’s staff retreat, we presented these observations along with audio recordings collected from research. During the retreat, CEP team members also participated in brainstorming and prototyping of new ideas.

This retreat was a highlight during my tenure at CEP, engaging all our staff in a bottom-up learning exercise to strengthen the work we do. The workshop was well-organized and your team was so open, humble and accessible that staff felt at ease to share and reflect.”

David Marzahl, Center for Economic Progress

Client & Community Outcomes

By sharing observations and audio from participants and volunteers, we helped CEP gain insight and understanding of people’s experiences. This knowledge and HCD training helped strengthen CEP’s professional services to community members.

Comparing the HCD process to engaging in “little bets,” CEP’s Executive Director Raissa Allaire stated, “That day was like an ‘ah-ha’ moment for me because you can take these little bets, make these little observations, and try something without it looking that pretty to see if it’s a road you should travel down. [Your team] gave us such great tools that we’ve been practicing these past few months and we’re excited.”

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